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Trying to be a blogger?


It’s January 1, 2013. I am home alone at 16:40.

I created this blog more than a year ago. My objective was to blog about 2 things: 1) my doctoral study and 2) strategy. I started with a couple of blog posts but then stopped. In my first blog I wrote about my doctoral study. The second one was about recruiting participants (middle managers) for my research. Perhaps I was too busy with my doctoral study to come here and write a blog post. Or perhaps I am not a natural blogger. Perhaps I don’t have what it takes to be a blogger. OK I decided to give this another try. I will try it for the next three months. If I don’t blog at least one post per month (on average), I’ll quit blogging.

I am professionally, as well as academically, passionate about strategy. I am particularly interested to learn why most companies struggle with strategy implementation. So I guess I will mostly blog about strategy and strategic issues.



Author: Ahmad Salih

I am a corporate strategy director with more than 16 years of experience in the telecom industry. I am professionally and academically interested in exploring the dynamics of strategic practices. I received my MBA from the University of Wales and my doctorate of business administration from Walden University.

2 thoughts on “Trying to be a blogger?

  1. I’ve been down the same path with blogging, and I ultimately found it unrewarding for the time it took to put together quality posts. I’ve taken to “lazy-blogging” instead by using the Momento app to capture my Twitter, Instagram, and other feeds into a sort of journal that documents what I’m reading, thinking about, and looking at each day. You can also write longer notes in the app, too, if you have something you just really need to write up for posterity. Might be an easier option for you, and it might even give you the basis for a longer blog post now and then if you see an interesting trend in your Momento stream that sparks an idea.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. My apologies for the delayed response. I will have a look at Momento when I get a chance.

    Thanks again,

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